Leadership Spotlight: John Porter

John Porter

Position: Spring Break Site Leader for Children with Terminal Illnesses in Kissimmee, Florida

Class of 2014

Hometown: Eustis, FL

Major: Electrical Engineering

Pen or Pencil: Pencil, Black Dixon Ticonderoga, all the way

Why did you choose your trip issue?

I have always had a passion for children. Combine that with a desire to help those with chronic, life-threatening diseases and you arrive at Give Kids the World. Even if you do not particularly have a passion for children, it is hard not to become overwhelmed by what GKTW does and how wide of an impact it has.

What are you most looking forward to on your trip?

Seeing smiles on children that likely do not laugh that often. One of the saddest things I have ever witnessed is the loss of innocence in a child. I hope that, through our efforts in Kissimmee, our group might be able to restore that innocence, even if for only a week.

What made you do ASB in the first place?

I signed up for ASB with the desire of finding something better to do with my spring break than obtaining skin cancer while sitting on a pile of sand. Little did I know what my trip would turn out to be far more enjoyable, as well as beneficial to myself as a person, than any vacation I could have taken.

What trips have you participated in the past?

Community Development Spring 2012 in Costa Rica

What is your favorite ASB memory?

During one of my final nights in Costa Rica, my group participated in a ‘pow-wows’ session, an activity in which every member shares the highest and lowest points of his or her day. Seeing the impact that the trip was having on my fellow participants, let alone the community, was a very emotional and rewarding experience and cemented in me a passion for service.

John in Costa Rica during Spring Break 2012

What is one thing you learned on an ASB trip?

No matter your background, skill set, physical strength, etc., you can make a difference to someone, somewhere. It is only a matter of finding out where and how, something ASB is quite good at help students do.

How has ASB impacted your college career? Has ASB changed your life trajectory?

ASB has caused me to become more involved with other community service groups and activities on and around campus. I certainly plan on making service a more permanent part of my life.


Leadership Spotlight: John Porter